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Last edit date: 27/11/2012


"Offshore Energy Systems SA" (OES) was founded with the objective to develop innovative products in the marine and offshore sector and to exploit the patents that holds in these areas.

More specifically the company holds patents for a) wave-absorbing systems, b) ride control system for fast and super fast crafts based on air-fed foils, c) system for electricity production based on the exploitation of wave energy, d) energy storage system based on "balloοn" type compressed air receivers and e) adjustable height manhole cover.

The electricity production system has been submitted to the European Patent Office and the patent is expected soon. Under course is also a patent referring to a floating wind measurement platform and a floating wind-turbine platform capable of carrying a high capacity wind generator.

The wide range of our research and development efforts can characterize our company as an innovation center in the area of offshore technologies. However the company’s research effort is not just for research. We have a whole product line which covers a wide range of the needs in the shore and offshore sector. 
The core of our effort, which is incorporated in our technologies, products and services, is the innovation and the protection of the environment.

Our strategic target today is the Offshore Renewal Energy sector including wind energy and wave energy. OES has a significant advantage in the study and design of offshore wind farms, measurements of wind potential, completing all the necessary studies and procedures to get a license for a wind park and in executing projects of this kind, while the combined exploitation of the wind and wave potential claims to be the future of the renewable energy adventure.

OES also intends to further utilize the wave-absorbing and floating systems that today represent fully developed commercial products with vast potential. OES has fully developed collaboration inside the country and abroad which will help in widening our capacity and our product range.

In our pages you will find information about our activities, products and services. You will also find notes on technical subjects, company’s news and publications on research projects.

We also open a dialogue with you in our blog and you are most welcome to share with us your thoughts, opinions and proposals on technological matters and their social effects.